Automation & Maintenance

Solid foundations for your online lifeblood are critical to reaching your desired audiences. You can count on Computerman1st to guide you to reliabilty.

  • Registering domain names, setting up website hosting and emails
  • Creating firewalls to protect your local equipment and data
  • Configuring and constructing servers to encrypt and disaster proof your data
  • Speedy response time for Perdido and greater Pensacola

Design & development

Do you need a turnkey solution or just a little technical expertise now and then? Computerman1st's flexibility allows customers an a-la-carte experience.


Computers on the Beach

Well, right on the beach can be particularly challenging but our work has survived Iraq, so Perdido is doable.

  • Same day onsite service for Perdido available
  • A+ Industry Certified
  • Network, PC, Server
  • Instruction and manual creation

Computerman1st's mission is to save the day! How? By delivering reliable solutions with services which help customers achieve long term stability.

  • 1

    Putting out the Fire

    You've put off backing up that data. The computer you rely on is older than the mouths it feeds. Better late than never, call computerman1st when the sky is falling.

  • 2

    Firing the Superhero

    Now that computerman1st has saved the day, let us prepare and avoid having to call in a panic. Backups and automating them are next so you are never so in need of being saved again.

  • 3

    Easing the Strain

    Whether your equipment, or you, are overworked, once we have things in order, computerman1st can usually find you some relief from the repititious and monotonous.


The Big Cheese

At one of my favorite spots in Perdido, yep that's me, Rusty.

"Love walking down here and searching for shells. It is a great way to combat that all too common technician's occupational hazard, the growing lap."

Rusty Mullin - CEO

The Cursed Phones

computerman1st doesn't fix broken screens and power ports on phones, but getting those pictures off or connecting that wifi is in the utility belt.

"Phones are just little computers and getting faster and stronger all the time. Can't spare any rice if you drop it in the loo, but we can save those thousands of photos you just can't download."

Got some old smart phones laying around? They can be security cameras.

On the Bay, Oceanside, or even your Boat

Another favorite spot in Perdido, great photo ops here. Can you find the surreal pic taken here and hidden elsewhere on this site?

"October sunsets in Perdido Key, what else is there to say?"

New Stuff

Chart Plotting with Raspberry Pi

  • Ask computerman1st about Open Plotting Systems for your boat.
  • This thing provides; GPS, AIS, water depth, hazard warnings, weather and more.
  • If you like to tinker, you are going to love this!

Give computerman1st a call, a text, or an email. Guaranteed it will not be a waste of time.

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