Wouldn't you rather come here just for the view?

Service is available to places near I-25, and several that are farther away. Pueblo, Pueblo West, and Colorado City are possible during the week.
Farther away than that, we will have to discuss.

Some things are better done in shop than at your location. Computer cleanups sometimes take days so those are better suited for in-shop instead of onsite.
Printer setups, router configurations, networking problems, connecting your computer to unusual or professional equipment, these are the sorts of things suited to service calls.

We should talk before a service call. Need to be sure I bring the tools and suplies required. In person discussions before service calls are always welcome. Face to face communication tends to far outperform the telephone and texting types.

Typically, I try to do home service calls early in the morning or after normal business hours. Service calls to traditional brick and mortar businesses are during normal hours. This way my shop stays open as much as possible. Service calls are ninety dollars an hour, and payment is due before I leave your location. I accept cash or card. If I work a partial hour after the first hour, it will be billed out in quarter hour increments.

It would be nice if I did not have to include the following, but years of experience teaches me that I must. Service is unavailable for locations with vermin, infestations, and/or untrained animals that defecate and urinate within the location.