Games and Contests

Lan parties, building great gaming rigs, and playing with new technology is my idea of a fun time.
I've hosted many a lan party whether it be console or PC. Some of them last for hours or even a weekend.

My favorite idea is to have a regular league like a dart league or bowling league, but with more game types including video games.
All time high score boards are a must. Prizes and even trophies for some events make things that much more fun.
Once I find the right space, I want to have a decathalon of games. Some games like a bean bag toss, some single player console and PC games, probably chess and checkers, and of course several different multiplayer live action games.

The decathalon would be like a gauntlet of gaming. We have maybe a four hour window in which you have to compete in each game type with points awarded based on your performance. There will be all time favorites in there, but also esoteric games that most people have never seen. This gives a more level playing field with few people likely to have experience in every different game type.

At the end of the day, the fun stuff is about community. Coming together to play without stress, certainly without bullying, and most of all with fair play. Sore losers and gloating winners, will be reminded to be nice. Win or lose, the important thing is to play, and have fun. So if you'd like to play, or maybe even want help hosting your own gaming party, give me a call.