Cleanup the PCs

When your computer is this clean
it can bring peace.

Computers are tools.
They should be ready to be pulled out of a toolbox and work.
I'll clean it up, and you can use it to find your happy place.

Cleanups include getting rid of junk software, turning off unnecessary processes, and installing programs that get rid of and keep out the viruses and spyware. Plenty of folks like to try and get by with a free solution for protection. Too many programs that once were good at cleaning and protecting go over to the dark side. They become a cure worse than the disease. Cleanups also include system configurations that cut down on the number of pestering messages.

Calling what I do to computers a cleanup doesn't do it justice. A big part of my process is providing solutions to common tasks people want to accomplish. I install applications to prevent you from getting trapped by frauds posing as tools. There are "free" solutions for a great many tasks. Unfortunately, many programs labelled as free, cost a great deal of money and frustration. Just because a so-called tool is free does not mean it is the right tool. Charlatans are always expensive if you trust them.