Class Is In

Teaching is fun
Computers are fun (when they work right)

Whether you want a basic lesson in general computing,
or if you would like to learn something complex, I'm game.
I've tutored everything from algebra to imaging, solar panel creation, and even how to lose at chess.

Many times people have simply wanted to learn how to use more of the power and features of their computer. I love that kind of stuff. Experience is probably my second best asset in showing others how to use computers. My best asset is that I feel no need to try and impress anyone with jargon. I'm happy to share any technical information you might be seeking, presuming I have that particular tidbit you desire. But my preference is to use analogy or laymen terms to share meaning. Acronyms are for later once we get past the basics.

Some customers have asked me to show their family how to keep from infecting their computer with junk. Other times I teach one-on-one lessons, often with small business owners needing assistance with an application. I've also given HIPAA presentations, PCI-DSS compliance plans, and a green energy kickoff to 300 middle schoolers. So big or small, basic or more complex, I love to learn and a great way to discover more is to help others learn.