Backing up Data

Data backup is easy early, but
its hard late.

It is like the difference between putting oil in a car on time, and replacing an engine when you did not.
I'll be happy to help you choose the right method for keeping everything from family photos to business documents safe,backed up, and accessible where and when you need them.

The most important part about data backup is knowing how to do it without losing the files you want to save. It is actually quite easy to accidentally losing data while trying to save it. If you aren't sure, call me.

When we fail to backup our data before a complication comes along, the price doubles-at least. When your computer is fine, it is an easy enough task to copy your data. But, if you can't get to it because of a virus or hardware problem, then the work required just went up. A former customer had told his wife he would take care of backing up her data for six months. Then the power for her hard drive died. Her data was her entire career worth of work product. He was certain he was going to get a divorce if her data could not be recovered. In this instance, the recovery required tools and supplies that I could not provide. So we used a company that gets data out of the little black boxes they use in airplanes. It cost two thousand, and he commented that was far cheaper than a divorce as he wrote the check. Had he and I met earlier, it would have cost him about a $150.00, and that was only because she had a ton of data. Just like you would come to me because I am experienced at data backup, sometimes I go to others because they can accomplish data recovery tasks I cannot. Either circumstance is handled the same way, with the right tools, skills, and methods to recover and/or save as much data as is physically intact.