About the Pictures

The website template is from HTML5 and Themewagon. Their links are at the bottom of each page.Thanks also go out to ComputerScience, their link is at the bottom of the main page.

So why aren't there any pictures of computers?

For several reasons, I think these scenes are much more soothing. And if you are looking for Computerman's help,
maybe you are a little stressed. Don't worry, I've been doing this long enough to know how to deal with most any problem.
Using stock photos has never appealed to me. And, taking pictures of someone else's property and using it commercially is an easy way to be sued.

So instead of little pictures of motherboards, monitors, keyboards, and other PC or laptop components, I prefer to use my own pictures. Giving credit where it is due, it was Mom's idea for me to use these pictures. I like the idea.

The pictures belong to me, Rusty Mullin. Computerman is permitted to use them until such time as I deem otherwise. They are not free to use for any commercial purpose without my written permisson beforehand. As far as non-commercial use goes, knock yourself out!

All of these photos were taken with my phones.